What are ragers saying?

If you are wondering what you will experience at All The Rage, check out what our customers have to say!

"This was SO FUN! Staff was great! We will definitely be coming back. 5 stars isn't enough, this place gets ALL THE STARS. "


"This was an extraordinary experience. The staff is amazing and it was the best therapy I have had in a long time. The perfect amount of product to smash. I would recommend this place to everyone. I WILL be back"


"We had such a great time visiting! Friendly staff, easy to find location, great atmosphere, and plenty of fun to go around. They provided gloves and masks for protection which was definitely a necessity. The amount of items providing was perfect for the amount of time given. We will definitely be returning!"


"Our first time experimenting something like this & boy was it fun.!! The employers were very nice! Would definitely recommend going. My 14 year old kid had a blast she can’t wait to go back. Very professional they supplied gloves & shields which was definitely needed."


"First rage room experience, the owners were so nice and explained the experience well. Definitely will be coming back and bringing lots of friends!"


"My daughter and her friends had an amazing time!! They were all exhausted when we left too, lol! We will definitely be back. Staff was very friendly and helpful as well! Highly recommend!!"